Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Blue Screen of Death

While checking out ways to upload pictures to this blog, blogger claims that they don't have a way to do this and they recommend that I install 'Hello' to do this. I did, and I was greeted with the 'Blue Screen of Death", in otherwords, reboot.

When my system came up, I left it alone and when I went to get my cellphone which is near the computer, I had the BS of D again. I watched it come up and the desktop had a problem and went into reverse video, so I thought, ok, what's different? When I was able to, I removed Hello and rebooted. The system came up better and I left it alone. It was 1 am. An hour later, I heard the machine rebooting itself.

This morning, I had the BS of D again and once up, I ran Norton and found no threats. I went out to Microsoft and found that they do have a Hotfix for my problem. But there's a catch. I can't just download it, as Microsoft will only let you have the patch after some geek there has determined that you really need this patch.

I can't call them or they might charge me, and since it is a problem with the OS (2000P) I shouldn't have to pay for the fix. Knowing I have a problem, I eagerly await the next bomb so I can write the exact message so I can send them e-mail and request 'permission' or 'approval' for the patch.

The system has been up for awhile, so that's good, but I hope it blows up soon, so I can get the issue resolved.

Microsoft has apparently turned into an HMO. They know what's good for me, since I apparently do not. Oy.


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