Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Meanwhile, in the 'hood

I went out to get my mail today and there was a taped 'blurb' on the side of the box saying paraphrased:

To My Neighbors:
As to why the police seem to always be at 2224 'My Street':

The house is being rented by 'Jennifer' who is employed as an escort for the 'Howdy Do' Escort service on Industrial Road. She has two daughters 'Alex' and 'Sarah' who are teenagers and she has this boyfriend 'George' who doesn't like the girls, so she asked him to leave. So, in anger, 'George' fired a gun at the entrance to the house on December 17, 2004. The police were called and his case number is xxx-xx in District Court. As a result of this incident, the neighbor at 2228 'My Street' has since put his house up for sale. (which has yet sell.) 'Jennifer' is renting this house and is in violation of her lease by having 'George' as a tenant as well as having a chihuahua on the premises which is also in violation of her lease.

But 'Jennifer' still loves 'George', so if you see 'George' in the neighborhood, please call police.

Meanwhile, my HOA is threatening to fine me for $100 for having a weed or two in my yard, and yet I have no clue as to what they are talking about.


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