Sunday, September 11, 2005

Haunted Arizona

I was in BJ's a wholesale outlet to buy a few things and I always stop in at the book section. I am a sucker for bookstores and libraries. I love to read and could browse for hours. I had been there a few times in the past and saw a book that kept on tempting me to buy it. Its list price was $29.95, the member price was $19.95, but yesterday it was listed for $9.95. The book is 'Ghosts' by Hans Holzer. It is a hardcover tome of over 700 pages so I could resist no longer. I am usually behind in my reading, what with old college textbooks that I managed to hold on to after my move, a few magazines and one or two I intend to pick up. After furniture, books are the heaviest things I end up moving, so I many cases, after I read a book that I don't plan on keeping, I try to donate it to the local library.

There are many stories in this book and after you get past the Introduction and the first two chapters, should make an easy breakpoint. I've started to read the book before bedtime and will read a few stories in an effort to get this book polished off hopefully by the time Halloween arrives.

So, I was thinking: I am going to begin a 13-year project of creating a resource guide for everything spooky. The number of years should be of no surprise. It will contain links, stories (maybe), movie lists, DVDs, books and whatever else I come across and then I'll have it published. I think I call it "The Best Damned Guide to Everything Spooky" And so, the compiling begins.

Meanwhile, here's a link to haunted Arizona. A good place to start would be Tombstone, I guess.


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