Thursday, September 01, 2005

Jessica Rocks!

I got another bill from Verizon for the phone that I returned because it wasn't the one I ordered. Now, the bill that I won't pay is up to $237.12.

So, I waited until today to call them rather than pop a vein in my neck, so I made the call this morning. But first, I had an idea - when I handed off the phone to the FedEx, she told me to hold on to the recipt, (this copy for your records). So I decided to go first to since its 'expiration date' was 2007. I checked the 'order' no. and nothing came up. There was another number on the side which I neglected to look up so I called them and gave them both numbers. (While on hold, I checked the second number and still no luck). So the guy said, call Verizon, and give them these numbers and maybe we they'll have a clue. We send tons of stuff to that address. Ok, thanks.

I called Verizon and got Jessica. I told her the story (again) and I gave her the numbers I had from the FedEx slip. Please hold. Wait. Wait. Wait.

She came back on the phone and said the phone was in their warehouse and it had a lot number and pallet number. I took the numbers down even though I 'probably' won't need them. So, I said "Great! now what about this phone bill?" "Let me check on that and issue any credit and close the account". Pleae hold. Wait. Wait. Wait. My phone was plugged in to the wall getting recharged, and fortunately, it didn't lose the signal that cellphones often do. So I put the phone down and went back to work on the computer. Wait. Wait. Wait. (Good thing calls made to customer service aren't charged.). She would interrupt occasionally, to tell me how sorry she was for keeping me on hold, and oddly, I didn't mind.

Finally, she said "This is going to take awhile and I hate to keep you on hold, so can I have your number and call you back? " I said "sure", gave her the number. And then I took a break.

Upon returning, the phone rang.

"Hello, may I speak to Mr. Pig?"
Me: "Speaking."
"Mr. Pig, this is Jessica prom Verizon. I just called to let you know, that we are crediting all charges on this bill, so we can close this account. We will be sending you a bill with a 0 balance. There will be a charge for early termination, but since you closed the account only two days later, don't worry, that will be credited as well."
Me: "Jessica, it is SO nice to deal with someone who knows what they are doing, its been TWO MONTHS trying to get this resolved, several people and one Supervisor".
Me: "Jessica, I want you to know that if they send me one of those 'How Did We Do" surveys, I'm gonna give you an 'Excellent' on every one and I'm gonna write "Jessica Rocks!" on it.

I think I made her day.

Sadly, Jessica will NEVER be promoted now. She is too good to remove from Customer Service. She can actually get things done! Poor Jessica.

Since I often squeal about the poor state of Customer Service these days, it is a relief to give a shout out about Jessica!

While, I'm on the subject - remember the post about the "Bitch Dog"? Well, it happened again recently. A Palistinian American and a Navy veteran received a credit card solicitation from Chase addressed to "Mr. Terrorist Bomber". When he called to complain, (not that he wanted a card) the person at the other end actually said "How can I help you, Mr. Bomber?".

Chase claims it gets its lists from an outside source, but at least they apologized, which is more than I can say for Comcast.


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