Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Mind of Pat Robertson

So, Pat Robertson, the fundamentalist wacko and head of the Christian Broadcasting Network is calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela. Why? Because Chavez is a leftist and according to Pat, will spread Communism throughout Latin America.

Let's think about this a moment. Chavez should be assassinated because he exporting an ideology although I haven't heard of any Venezuelan troops trying to subvert other governments.

If exporting an ideology is grounds for murder, isn't Bush guily of the same thing? After all, isn't that what he and the neocons are doing all over the world. Exporting democracy all over the world. Chavez was democractically elected, and although he presides over a devided country (just like Bush does) he has survived a recall attempt. Bush and Robertson may not like the outcome, but then not everyone is ecstatic over of the outcome of both the 2000 and 2004 US elections either. Does Venezuela have troops in Colombia like the US does? Did Venezuela send troops into Haiti?

Ask youself what would happen if a Muslim cleric called for the assassination of George Bush? If the cleric lived in the US, he would have been summarily arrested and locked up under the Patriot Act for promoting terrorism and advocating a violent overthrow of the US government.
If the cleric would have been in Iraq, he would have been called an insurgent - worthy of death at the hands of the US military. If he would have been living in a US backed Muslim country, like Egypt, pressure would have been put on the government to turn over or otherwise silence the cleric.

And if a liberal or Democratic candidate had called for the killing of Chavez, the GOP would have 'Swiftboated' the guy in the next election, calling him a member of the Radical Left, Far Left and if he would have been a movie producer like Michael Moore, his next movie would be banned from most public airwaves.

But little criticism will be levelled at Robertson or Falwell, for that matter, who said that 911 was caused by 'gays, lesbians, feminists and liberals'. Yup, God is a Republican. God's Own Party.

Its time to stop funding, stop watching and time to start condemning the radicalism of religious extremism. At least Robertson is of the same mindset as Al Queda, Maybe the CBN should be considered a terrorist outfit, after all, its leader is calling for the violent overthrow of another country's leader. And don't even try to use the argument that 'if we could have stopped Hitler' since this has no parallel. Wonder why Robertson didn't call for the assassination of Kim Jung Il, he's the guy with the WMD...


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