Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pemi (cont)

Rozz, Sapphire and the girls left early on Sunday and I took over while Bruce went back to camp to load Rozz's car. We shut down a tad early as were the other vendors. Nobody seemed to be making a killing other than Bill and Luella. We were completely down when the music stopped. All in all, it was a good show featuring Smokey Greene, the Gillis Brothers (my favorite), the Bluegrass Boys, Gopher Broke, Tater Hill, the Cow Tippers and making their last apeparance, the Foggy Bottom Cloggers.

When we returned to camp, I sat in the hammock and aid to Bruce "It's too made this doesn't rock back and forth". He said, 'That's what this is for", a rope tied to a nearby tree. He thinks of everything. As I ricked back and forth, I said "Bruce, why don't you call in sick tomorrow?" He thought about it a minute and called his backup saying he'd be in late tomorrow. There was no way we could have taken everything down and be home at a reasonable hour, so once that was done, we went for a refreshing swim in the Pemi River. The river is as clear as anything you'd see in the Caribbean, except for the fact that the Pemi is about 30 degrees colder.

We then headed for Lincoln where we went for dinner, which was good and we saw yet another accident on the way up there. Four or five police cars. This one might have had a death and we saw one accident where a farm tractor and a truck. The tractor was on one side of the guardrail and the truck, overturned, was on the other. We saw another one where a guy was being helped by the highway patrol with a neck brace.

We got back to the site, had another fire and after Bruce called it a night, I stayed up and read my book by falshlight. Now we were relatively alone, but there were still a few hangers-on. A beautiful starry sky.

On Monday, we didn't have everything down until noon, so Bruce can just about forget about work for the day. Earlier, both Bruce and I heard an intruder outside the camper in the early morning, but I the windows were all zipped up to see anything. Nothing was taken, but a reminder for the mental note (next time, bring shotgun).

One idea I had throughout the weekend was to add a line of 'Scorched Pig' items for next year's repertoire, including, mugs, barbeque sauce, smoked bacon, pins and things. We need to work on a logo. The marshmallows were stale from the humidity, but Bruce had an idea. He gave me a drawer handle with a pigs head on it, and loaded with a marshmallow body and candle legs, we set about taking pictures of a 'scorched pig'.
The only problem is I want a 'scorched' pig, not an immoliated, cremated pig. The logo still needs work. Pig themes go over well with mountain folk.

On the way back, we stopped for lunch at Chicago Pizzeria and then at the LL Bean outlet store in Concord. I wanted to pick up catalogs without handing them my personal information and I picked up the Outdoor Guide and Fall Guide. Should have picked up the Men's Clothing one as well. LL Bean is one of the few catalog companies I'll shop from.

Almost into Braintree, we noticed a drunken woman, back out of an offramp, make a U-turnb on the highway as she weaved all over the road. She was rocking back and forth in her seat like she was ready to pass out. We called the State Police on her and we followed her into Quincy where she was found on a grass embankment. No sooner did we circle the block she was gone. Bruce later learned that a drunken woman was pulled over after hitting a light pole or something. Thankfully, no one was killed.

By the time we got back to Braintree, Rozz got back from work and they were nice enough to give me a lift back home. We stopped off at a Chines place were we got cheap chow mein sandwiches that my hometown is known for. I got home at about 9:30 Monday night, along with my purple chair and loaded with memories and already looking forward to next year.


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