Saturday, July 30, 2005

Its getting bizarre in here... take off all your brains.

I am still going through Verizon hell. I called the other day to find out why my DSL sucks. At the time, the person on the other end, says it may be our end (Really?) and to wait an hour before I can get mail again.

So now, today, since I have unlimited weekend minutes, on my VERIZON phone, I call them again to see why my DSL sucks again. The first guy, who sounded like he was calling from Bombay, tried to send me to when my VERIZON phone dropped the line. I had to call AGAIN and go through the menu choices (aggravating) and this time, I got Monique, who was very nice, told me to power down and reboot my machine (which I HATE with a passion) and we chatted while I watched all my work get shut down. While on the phone, I told her to take down my cellphone number in case my VERIZON phone drops the line (it did). I was still running around half speed, (but fewer hourglasses) and she said she'd put in a ticket to have someone check my wiring. After that, I thought we were done and the line dropped and I walked away from it (it was charging in a wall socket). When I came back, she left me a phone message saying if I had another problem within 24 hours, to call them again. So, my question is, why didn't she just leave the ticket open?

I go out to get the mail, and I get not one but TWO bills from Verizon. Apparently they are trying to charge me for the wrong phone that they sent me, I sent back via FEDEX, by their instructions, went through 11 calls, 2 weeks, 2 calls to supervisors and 2 orders before I got this phone. The guy on the other end said there was nothing he could do right now, because the other department was closed on weekends. I was told during that idyessy that they received the phone I sent back (now they can't find it) and I told the guy I would NOT pay the second bill.

By then, I couldn't take it anymore so we went out to supper at Burger King. I bellied up to the register and asked for 'two hamburgers with ketchup and onions only'. Sounds like a simple request, right? I got to my table, and guess what I got: "Two hamburgers with ketchup and onions ONLY". There was NO BUN. I think this low carb crap is being carried a little to far.


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