Monday, July 25, 2005

Another consumer ripoff

During my last month in Vegas, I made plans to cut utilities that were in my name to the house. I called Nevada Power and they told be to allow for a seven day lag. So I called them more than a week before the cutoff date, and told them to shut off power on June 30. I get my bill and it is until July 7.
Obviously, they didn't mean GIVE them a week head's up. It means give us a chance to charge for another week. So, while I'm here, I'd had to pay $53 for the fact that it takes them a WEEK to get off their asses. It cost me money because they sit on their asses. At least when I disconnected cable, they told me that even if the cable was operating beyond the cutoff, they wouldn't charge ME for it. Isn't that a better idea?


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