Monday, July 18, 2005

Sick Rik

The other day the up-for-reelection Rik Santorum, Republican of Pennsylvanis made the absurd statement that its no surprise to him that Boston and Massachusetts were at the center of the priest-child abuse scandal. I guess his point is that liberalism is at the heart of pedophilia.

I guess someone should tell this moron that the latest pedophile case where one boy was murdered was in Idaho, a very conservative pro-Bush styate. One case from a few years back was the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case, where she was abducted from her bedroom by a Mormon bygamist who wanted to make her his bride. That was in Utah, the state run by a cult and the state that gave George Bush is second highest percentage of voters, other than Texas.

Then there was the Susan Smith case. The one where the mother drowned her own children. This was in South Carolina where they are very conservative, pro-military academies, the hotbed of the Confederacy and the state were Bush's Republican operatives got nasty with John McCain in the 2000 Presidential primary.

So, Santorum equates Massachusetts, the center of liberalism as the cause and blame for the crime of pedophilia, because it is the one state that offers marriage to same sex couples. This is his way of pandering to the exteme right wing for his re-election bid, while totally avoiding real issues like jobs, the mess in Irag, the astronomical price of gas, etc.

A few months ago, the Las Vegas Review Journal did an expose on the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) based in Colorado City, Arizona on the Utah line. Within this cult, several boys were exiled because they were in competition for the women. They now live in Vegas, where they have no life skills. Their 'job' was in construction, but they know nothing about banking, holding a checkbook or going on interviews. All they wer taught was fealty to their leader. Women are treated as cattle and are distributed as wives to the men. They have no choice in the matter. Their 'leader' has several children from multiple wives. They are not welcome in Coloroda City, so one group is setting up shop deep in the heart of Bush Country in Texas, where they are not welcome there either. How come we never hear news reports of the excesses of the radical right? Where have all the militia groups gone, like the one that spawned Tim McVeigh? Now that Clinton is gone, have all the militiamen got jobs working for Bush?

Santorum is Roman Catholic. Since the majority of the pedophile cases involve Roma Catholic priests, why doesn't he associate pedophilia with Catholicism? Are all Muslims terrorists? Do we profile Roman Catholic priests as all pedophiles.

The Massachusetts delegation demands an apology from Santorium. He won't give one because Evangelicals in Kansas are not insulted. The 'Rev' Jerry Falwell once blamed the 911 attacks on 'gays, lesbians and feminists'. Like Falwell, Santorium is not fit to represent the people of Pennsylvania or anyone else. This is a guy, after all who spent the night with his aborted fetus.

He won't apologize of course, because it is good fodder for the extemist Right. No issues, just attacks.

Santorum disgusts me and he should disgust any sensible voter. Pennsylvania, wake up and send them a message and dump Sick Rik next November.


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