Friday, June 24, 2005

Flag Burning Poll

In a local nightly Fox news poll, the question: "Do you support a Constitutional Ban on Flag Burning the results were: Yes: 78%, No: 22%. So obviously, I am in the minority here. The argument that flag burning is the equivalent to cross burning is not accurate. People who burned crosses on other people's lawns were designed to frighten people and get them to move. Cross burning for another purpose, such as a protest against Evangical/Politcal maneuvering to me would constitute free speech.

Speaking of burning, the town of Goodsprings a few miles to our southwest is on fire. A lightning induced fire has darkened our skies and the fire seems to be building. In fact, we had 600 lightning strikes yesterday. And its not quite monsoon season yet. I hope no one's home gets destroyed, but residents are on edge. I could see the smoke which cause a brownish-yellowish haze all day. It has been a 'red flag' warning day, that is, either high winds or high temperatures can cause wild fires. Firefighters have said they did not expect the fire to expand to this size. Its been burning since yesterday.


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