Thursday, June 16, 2005

Medical Marijuana

Yesterday's big story was the Supreme Court's decison to override state's rights and state laws that allow people to use medical marijuana under a doctor's supervision. Once again, the Federal Government is divorced from reality. Their argument is, if you smoke a joint today, you'll be doing heroin next week. They use the argument that they are 'protecting children'. On one news show, they claim that alcohol usage among teens is twice that among adults. So what's this got to do with the price of tea in China. The fact that some parents can't or don't supervise their children is no reason to deny medical marijuana to those who need it. If you can't control your kid, take a parenting class.

This is perhaps the single most hyprocritical argument I've ever heard. Tobacco is bad for you, but it's legal. It fills state coffers with tax revenues that if tobacco were banned, gutless politicians would have to find another way to make up the money such as raising property taxes of motor vehicle registrations which would of course be unpopular.

So using the court's logic, lets ban Percodan, Percocet, cocaine, (yes, cocaine can be prescribed by a doctor), oxycontin and morphine, all things that people use for 'fun'. Might as well ban Viagra, since recent reports claim that it leads to blindness in SOME men. Just like your mother used to scare you with, do THAT and you'll go blind. But Viagra won't be banned anytime soon, since it is too much of a profit generator for Phizer.

Republicans are constantly complaining about 'activist judges' when it came to the Terri Schiavo case and gay marriage in Massachusetts. "Let the people decide", they yell. Well, the people of California and Nevada have decided that it was okay for pot to be used for glaucoma and AIDS.

But the Republican Empire and Daddy Party has once again abandoned its support for libertarianism and states rights by arguing that Federal Law trumps State Law. So much for Federalism. In poll after poll, people have been arguing in favor of decriminalization of pot, in view of the fact that there has NEVER been a death due to the overdose of pot. But Daddy says no, and Daddy knows what's best for ALL of use, children and adults alike.

As to prove its point, in tonight's news here, a guy's house was raided today by Federal agents despite the fact that he had a Nevada Medical card allowing him to use pot. He was featured on the news the other day when the story about the Supreme Court was being discussed. Now he is planning a hunger strike. It evokes images of Federal troops with guns blazing as Elian Gonzalez crouched in terror in a closet.

Rather than legalizing pot and TAXING it (state governments love to do that) and raising revenues, it seems that the Federal Government would prefer to encourage Colombian drug cartels to continue growing pot, smuggling in to the US, not to mention all the killings that will go on before it gets into the user's hands.

Stop the madness. Time for regime change in Washington.


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