Friday, June 03, 2005

Nevada State Quarter

I've been busy putting my life into boxes getting ready to ship. This means deciding what is 'worthy' of keeping and what is worth keeping until the next box, so I haven't written much. In an effort at putting my CD collection up for sale, I have also been busily uploading tunes into Itunes. I am now up to about 285 including Podcasts. After the remaining furniture is given to charity, I'll will have a week or two of sitting on the floor and writing.

So, I'll leave with this: When I was living in Massachusetts when the state quarter came out, I don't remember if the public was allowed to vote for the design. But here in Nevada, we have. We had four different designs, two of which had to do with mining and another with a design similar to the state seal. I am happy to report that the design that I voted for was the winner called "Morning in Nevada" which shows wild horses againt a backdrop of mountains and sage. As much as I love the history of this state, the natural beauty is what appeals to me the most.

I will be starting a series of posts of my life here in Nevada, in several installments, something tourists never get to appreciate when they only come for a week or two.


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