Sunday, May 22, 2005

Excessive Heat Warning

Its not a good day to do anything. The temperature is supposed to be 105 today and an excessive heat warning has been declared due to the 'earlyness' of the summers lfirst heat wave. Usually, an 'excessive heat warning' doesn't get declared until the temperature hits 112. I don't think it is particularly that early, since Memorial Day weekend is usually the first time we hit triple digits. Its not that bad in the house and I don't have the AC on. It usually gets warm in here shorty after sundown when radiational heating takes over. But of course, now I have an 'official' excuse not to do anything, and I certainly don't feel like it. Today will be the last day I'll keep procrastinating until tomorrow. I was early but didn't accomplish anything. I am going to call a friend over tomorrow for a 'private viewing' of my garage sales that will happen all week. Considering the heat, I could call it an 'Almost Fire Sale'.

Here is a picture of my version of Nirvana in North America, with the exception of Hawaii which is unique in its own way. This is Lake Tahoe, in the 'other' Nevada, the Central to Northern part which is a more authentic version of Nevada's wild (natural) origins.

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