Monday, May 16, 2005

A Good Site About Podcasting

I downloaded a few Podcasts over the weekend, this time using Ipodder software. It worked well as it 'found' 15 podcasts and I just let it run while I went to Costco then to Starbucks. My connection stayed up for the most part and it crashed after I got home, but Ipodder did a good job of resuming where it left off. I was under the impression it would transfer them to Itunes, but maybe I'm doing it wrong, since I am saving the podcasts on another drive for spece reasons rather than putting it in an Itunes subdirectory. So I added the files (Itunes uses pointers rather than copying it to my C drive, which is good) and add files is really quick so that's not an issue.

But probaly the BEST Podcasting site comes from PodcastsNYC which is so good it sounds 'professional' (which to some people sounds bad). In one episode 'Media Master' (Rob0 claims that Podcasts will be the death knell for the growing Satellite Radio craze since the Internet and MP3 players are already available to the masses. Ah yes, but can the government and business start talking about regulating content, since Podcasts [are] too similar to Radio Broadcasts and [shouldn't they[ be regulated like Radio content?

Only a matter of time before we have THOSE controversies, but thankfully the government and business is generally slow to catch on with hi-tech trends.

I'll post the website when I can verify it.


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