Saturday, May 07, 2005

Don't let them do it...

We live in a one party democracy. How much 'democracy' do you get when one party dominates all 3 branches of government? Especially when that party will go to great lengths to destroy its opponents and stifle dissent. Consider the following:

. We have the best government that money can buy. Or so they say. Most companies traditionally contribute to both political parties, usually spending more on the party in power and throwing scraps to the other party as a way of hedging their bets. But one thing that the embattled and ethically challenged majority whip and one of the most power Republicans, Tom DeLay, is known for is telling corporate donors that if they get caught contributing to the Democratic party may cost them access to power brokers. All donations MUST go to the GOP or else. It's bad enough we have to live in a 'Slutocracy' but I find this particular move somewhat immoral. Smacks of Nazi Germany.

. George Bush has been pushing tort reform as the centerpiece of his 'Health Care Reform'. No doubt, nuisance lawsuits cost everyone money, but he conveniently ignores the high cost due to CEO pay at the top of the Insurance and Drug companies, escessive beauracracy as well as preventing America's elderly from shopping for a better deal by shopping in Canada, as well as preventing cities and states from saving taxpayer money by doing the same. But there is something more ominous than meets the eye going on here. As a general statement 'all doctors are Republicans, and all lawyers are Democrats'. By going after nuisance lawsuits, Bush is making a backhanded attempt at cutting lawyer pay which in turn would cut into lawyers' contributions to the Democrats. This may seem like politics as usual, but ultimately it is designed to eliminate the opposition.

. Time magazine had an article in its May 2 issue about the American Telecommunications Conference which meets 3 times a year in cities across the Americas. But in last weeks meeting in Guatemals City, 4 of the at least two dozen of the US delegates selected ahve been bumped by the White House because they supported Kerry's 2004 campaign. Two of the companies barred were Qualcomm and Nokia. The White House 'argument' was that it wants its delegates to present the Administration in a posite light, and since Kerry tried 'to overthrow it' these companies were banned. But Nokia argues that sending delegates to international meeting should not be a partisan matter.

. The USA Patriot Act. I have yet to read this piece of legislation line for line, but I will. Although put in place to protect the country from Al Queda, there have been reports of using the Act to spy on and keep track of anti-war protests in Iowa. THAT's not the intent of the law!

. The attempt by the GOP to use the 'Nuclear Option' ie, elimination of the fillibuster in Congress. We could argue the benefits and drawbacks of this method of stalling nominations and legislation, but the attempt by the GOP to eliminate it, is yet another attempt to eliminate opposition. They claim they are against 'activist' judges, but what they are really saying is they are against judges that don't agree with them. Of course they support 'activist' judges - just conservative ones.

. And yesterday on MSNBC"s Countdown with Keith Olberman, there was a story of a Baptist minister in East Waynesburg, N.C. who had demanded that his congregation vote for George Bush in the last election. He argued that Kerry stood for a woman's right to choose (abortion) and gay rights (they shouldn't have any) and that ONLY George Bush was 'Christian'. Of course Bush won, and the issue calmed down.

But recently, the minister asked all those in the congregation who had voted for John Kerry to stand up. When those that did, did so, he expelled them from the church! This interplay with the GOP and American Taliban is getting a bit too much. This isn't Iran!

Meanwhile, the Bush Administration is trying to bring 'democracy' to the Middle East.

This years elections won't be as big a deal as last year's but next year's will. It'll be time for midterm Congressional. If you have Republican representation, let them know this has gone on far enough and that you will work to unseat them. If not, work with the Democrats, Libertarians or any other group to bring back the diversity of opinion and more open debates on real issues. Bush won, but not by a landslide.

Congressional gridlock is better than what we have now...


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