Saturday, May 07, 2005

But wait, there's more...

The Times had another article last week called "Only The Little People Pay for Lawn Care" about how even when CEO's get paid outrageous sums of money for the little that they do and to top it off they don't have many bills to pay. As part of their additional perks, the CEO of Tyson Foods, Donald J Tysori got a $38,000 stipend for an Oriental rug, $15,000 for a London vacation, $8,000 for a horse and other perks that include golf club memberships and lawn care. He shouldn't have to dip into his little nest egg, should he?

The perks included $200K in housekeeping for 5 houses, $84K in lawn care and $36K in phone bills. They even paid $1.1M to cover the taxes on these perks.

Its tough these days when you are forced to live on a tight budget which included $31.M in salary, $1.4M in bonuses (and that's after he RETIRED)

GE's Jack Welch got paid by the company for flowers, Knicks tickets, laundry and wine, even after he retired.

But yet, hiring ME would be too much of a burden. These people have no shame in an era where the GOP has made bankruptcy a shame, the unemployed are made out to be lazy and the poor are made to feel guilty.

The Saudis have a good idea on how to deal with these thives, even if it is legal. They are still thieves. Take them to the public square and cut their hands off.


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