Wednesday, May 11, 2005

These days suck

It was a beautiful day today in Las Vegas. It was a clear day, about 82 degrees, which isn't bad for the month of May since the temperature could easily be over 100. The record high for the other day was 107. I went to Starbucks, after being on the computer for a few hours and read the remnants of last Sunday's paper and listened to a few Podcasts on my Ipod.

But these days suck. I have had two friend's moms pass away during the days leading up to Mother's Day and for me I have been trying to price out the cost of moving my stuff back East. But the prices are outrageous considering what little I have left. I am desperately trying to hand on to my cherry wood entertainment center, my cherry wood computer desk and a few boxes of personal items. I had planned to give my notice here on the 25th, but I will delay that by a month if I haven't found something I can afford. The biggest problem is finding a reputable mover. I have always dealt with Bekins and I called them, but my load may be too small. They referred me to Box Brothers who told me they won't move my stuff indoors. They will essentially drop stuff at the curb and you bring it in.

I called a local outfit but they don't do cross country, but they'll have another company call me. Now I am going to try two men and a truck. I sent a picture that my sister painted ahead because I didn't have a box big enough, so I told them to box it and ship it. That one item cost me $80. From the looks of things, I may be arriving with nothing but the clothes on my back. Now I'll check out what prices the Post Office can do. I estimate 15-20 boxes. At least what I can mail is mine to keep.

How much worse can it get? I've already lost my job, retirement, house, health care and even my dog up and died on me last year. All I have left is my computers which I need to continue the fool's errand of finding a job. Having lived in the high tech mecca of Boston and the country's fastest growing city, I have little hope of finding a job in my hometown that I left 20 years ago. For a guy with 20 years experience, a college degree and a good work record, I might as well be an illegal alien.

I will be having garage sales beginning this weekend or next weekend, not doing it for the money per se, but to reduce my load even further. I have moved at least 20 times mostly for employment and in each case i tend to get rid of something more. I am not a pack rat, and now I am down to some very personal, nostalgic items, like wall pictures, some Japanese porcelain, my two computers, printer, external drive and Ipod. At least the Ipod will come with me on the trip back.

As I mentioned, I have no health care. A few weeks ago, I had to make a trip to the dentists for some cracked fillings. I hadn't been there in awhile, because I have no dental care. It cost me $500 for the fillings and the initial visit.

The other night, I had made popcorn in a pan. Lately, I've gotten sick of microwave popcorn because of the chemicals. Go down the popcorn aisle in the supermarket, and you can smell the popcorn. It smells like a wet dog.

Anyway, as i was eating the popcorn, I crackea tooth. Not just the filling, but the entire tooth. Fortunately, it doesn't hurt, so I'll have to deal with that later.


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