Saturday, May 21, 2005

For The Love Of Money

Fox News reported today that the City of Boston abolished a law that stated that Native Americans could not enter the city unless escorted. This law has been on the books for almost 400 years. The law hasn't been used in quite some time of course, but the real question is why did they remove the law right now? Its not just good business to get rid of outdated laws, but it apparently had something to do with Boston's bid for a major convention in 2008 and its sponers were critical of the law, and of course $40M or so (I don't remember the exact total) was at stake for the city. So is money the only way to get politicians to do anything? Do we need to set up a Pay Pal link for city, state and Federal officials into order to get them to do ANYTHING of benefit?

I'll be playing with the links on this blog to better organize them. So, I will be adding a few soon, weather permitting. Its getting too hot to do anything now. The temperature today is around 103 or so and it feels it. Like everything else, the first of the season feels worse. People who live in Vegas for years are somewhat accustomed to this, but new arrivals are not. Be careful out there. If you are new to town, and think 103 is hot, just wait. Its only the beginning.

Some links of note that I plan to add will of course be Pop Culture Rant from Media Master Rob from PodcastNYC which is already there. I have yet to check out out his Alley Cuts Podcasts about his favorite music cuts. I am sure they will be at the same level of quality as his other Podcasts. I download them, listen to them on my Ipod during my neighborhood walks.

Another section will be devoted to Blogs. One notable one is from my friend and 'blogging mentor', Ray, and his website Rayz Realm. Ray's been posting to his blog, since before blogs became 'de rigeur' in 1995. He's thinking of calling it quits, but maybe your comments will encourage him to keep on musing. I've got an entire list of movie and book recommendations from him. He originally posted under the guise of John BigBoote's Area51. Thus his byline: "If its out there, it's in here".

Another blog I read regularly is The Essence of Jaylectricity for the Anarchist in You. For a unique point of view, anarchism with a human face, visit his blog and tell him Pig sent you.

Enough for now. I feel like a wad of sizzling bacon. Even with the AC on. Oh the horror of the bill, as both gas heat and electric bills have gone up due to the cost of crude.


At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Paul

Thanks for mentioning RayzRealm, at some time i may return, after the dust has settled from Armageddon, bush is thrown in prison, my medical condition improves or all of the above, but until then, i'll be reading your musings.

blog on
yer coffee klatch pal ray


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