Saturday, June 04, 2005

Register your garage sale

On any given weekend here in Las Vegas, you can find hundreds of garage sales and yard sales by typical folks just trying to unload old stuff that they no longer have any use for or they can't take with them when they move. I had my garage door open during the afternoon to see if anything goes.

Now on tonights news there is a top of the news story that Las Vegas now wants you to register before having your yard sale. Allegedly, they claim, there are people out there operating real businesses disquised as yard sales. North Las Vegas already does this. Technically, (and I didn't know this) you are only allowed two garage sales per year. Gimme a break. If the HOA isn't on your back, now its the city.

We live in an age where the rich are given every conceivable tax break and every advantage you can name, but it seems that every time you turn around these days, government is trying to regulate every aspect of your life for the rest of us. They are constantly telling us not to smoke, eat fast food, who to have sex with or not to have sex with, who to marry, who not to marry, how high your grass should be, what color to paint your house, now this. Enough already!

Meanwhile on CBS news this evening, GM complains that it has to add $1600 to the price of every vehicle it makes due to paying a pension to loyal employees who worked there all their lives. And also, teenagers are being told not to expect a summer job this year. Both young and old are getting squeezed.

And on that Bush lovefest program on Fox, the Beltway Boys, they talked about the real estate bubble. They don't think its a problem, because they live in the Georgetown section of Washington where prices are always high anyway. They claim that so what if the bubble bursts, you'll still be owning your own home. Not one word, of course, on what people will do when they are stuck with mortgages that they still have to pay despite the fact that thier houses are no longer worth the mortgage value. Banks won't want to take the fall. And of course, there was no mention of the 'investor' class who buy several houses in an effort to flip them for a quick and tidy profit. As typical Republicans, Fred and Mort are totally disconnected from the rest of us here in the heartland.

Maybe having a theocracy that the GOP and their evangelical allies want so badly might not be that bad after all. It seems the country has already gone to hell. I wonder what they'll say when they get to the part of the Bible that says a rich man has as much chance to get to heaven as an camel through the eye of a needle.


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