Sunday, June 19, 2005

Totally at random

Its been a nice spring, for the most part, here in the desert. It has been delightfully cool, for most of the season. We did set a record of 10 days in May of over 100 degrees, but so far in June we had had only one day of triple digits, when we normally have 10 days in June of over 100. Las Vegas typically has aout 130 days a year of over 100, and that is an average temperature. Typically June is about 105, 106 in July, 107 on July 21, the meterologically hottest day of the year after which temperatures begin to reverse themselves. It is supposed to be 95 today, only 90 yesterday (kind of unheard of) so it was great to be outdoors.

Well, we've had another outbreak of identity thefts as Mastercard was hit by a computer virus that hit a third party vendor and THIS time as many as 40 MILLION numbers could be compromised. It is amazing that although Americans apparently cringe over the concept of a National ID system, that is in effect what we have with our Social Security number or 'Taxpayer ID'. In years gone by, you didn't need to get a SSN until you started working, but now the gummint urges new parents to get their kids their own number as early as 6 months old.

As I get ready to disconnect and reconnect utilities etc, it amazes me how many times I've been asked for the 'last four digits' of my SSN, as well as my mother's maiden name. Since all the companies ask the same question, isn't this the equivalent of having the same password for every computer account you have? Don't security personnel discourage that?

Last yeat the governmetn made it possible for every American to get at least one free credit report and score every year. It started in the West, but by now all regions of the country should be available. Take steps now, in view of the recent hacking attacks to make sure you haven't been compromised by going to and getting yours today. You might find something there that isn't your doing and the sooner you begin untangling the mess (and good luck to you) the better.

Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida wants to open a lawsuit over how Terri Schiavo lapsed into a coma 15 years ago. C'mon Jeb, put it to rest. Haven't you and the other politicos made enough specticles of yourselves? Haven't you done enough to these people? Don't waste taxpayer dollars on another odyssey so you can placate the Evangelicals. Let the woman rest in peace. Use the money to rebuild areas still damaged from last years hurricanes and do something useful for a change.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California has jumped into Podcasting. If you live in California or are just interested in what is going on in the Shaky, Quaky, Heartland you can check it out here.
Way to go, Guvna!

The Blogfather is back! Ray from Rayz Realm and formerly of John Bigboote's Area 51 has beamed down to bring us Nightmare Hall. Welcome to his nightmare! Disturbingly, his nightmares have become my nightmares. I feel like I'm in an episode of Dark Shadows (a cult classic - second only to Star Trek) where the witch Angelique causes one person to have a nightmare, which becomes unbearable forcing him to tell a second person, who now has the nightmare, only to be one step worse, forcing him to tell the next person and so on.

If it weren't for Ray, instead of blogging, I'd rolling around in a mudhole somewhere. Ok, I still do, but only on the hottest of days.

Happy Daddy Day and Juneteenth.


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