Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This Day

Today's high temperature made it to 110. It is 107 right now and its 6:30 PM.

As I continue to pack, I keep finding more crap. It never seems to end. I had hoped that I could be coasting today, but there is always more to do. To make things worse, my Ipod took a dive today. Two weeks or so ago, I had a problem installing Itunes which forced me to call Apple Technical Support. I was already exasperated, so when the guy told me my six month coverage expired, but he could help me if I signed up for Apple's Extended Warranty Service, for $59.99. I said to him "If I buy your $1&#((! warranty service, will Itunes be working TODAY?" He said, "I can't guarantee that, sir", so I sprung for the extra warranty service.

So, it turned out to be a good thing. I should be covered, less the cost of shipping. But now I am concerned about shipping it from here, waiting for it and wondering if I'll get it back in time or if I should have them send it to my new address. I have been so unlucky lately. That's probably why I'm leaving Vegas. I also called Southwest Gas to have my service disconnected at the end of the month and it was actually a pleasant experience. I got a nice lady at the other end, no 'Press 1' for this and 'Press 2' for that, or 'go to the website or send us mail'. Get job.

In the news: On the John Bolton nomination, Bush says the UN should be 'held accountable and transparent'. If you seriously believe that, George, then how about telling Dick Cheney to be 'accountable and transparent' about his energy committee. The Supreme Court ruled that the GAO should back off on its demands for documents, so I guess its legal for Cheney not to be 'transparent' and accountable to the American people. Mushroom management. Keep us in the dark and feed us nothing but shit. And its quite hypocritical.

And then there's Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney announcing that he is thinking of a run for President in 2008. What a shock. I told peole that he would do that even before he became governor. Massachusetts should pass a law that prevents a current governor from running for higher office only when his term is over. its getting tiring. Dukakis ran for President without resigining, Weld resigned to (attempt at) become Ambassador to Mexico, but was shot down by Jesse Helms for being too 'liberal' on drugs. He supported medical use of marijuana. Then there was Bush suck-up and wuss Argeo Paul Celluci, who, realizing he would probably lose re-election so he fled to Canada as the US Amassador.

And there was former Boston Mayor, Ray Flynn, who also higher ambitions, so at least he had a plan - become the Ambassador to the Vatican and then suck up all the Catholic votes as he attempted to run for Representative from Joe Kennedy's Ward 8. But he wasn't even a resident and all his Papal blessings didn't help him in his career advancement.

I haven't been following Taxachusetts politics, but will be soon, since that are generally more exciting than Nevada's. I like our current governor, Kenny Guinn, who keeps trying to give back some of the state's suplus back to somebody. Plus, our Assembly only meets once every 2 years, so we don't get stealth tax increases.

So sombody should tell Romney not to bother and waste people's time. If he really 'loves' his job, then stay put. Besides, even if some Republcans will tout him as a 'moderate' alternative, the national GOP is too filled with radical rightists and moderates have all but been purged from the party. Besides John McCain has a lock on the nomination in '08, just like Hillary does for the Dems. Rudy Gulliani claims he's not interested, but I think he is, only if McCain doesn't run.
The GOP will talk terror, and Hillary will talk jobs. Let's see what happens, especially if the housing bubble bursts.


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