Monday, June 20, 2005

As the days get shorter...

I went with my friend Lola to do a few errands as my days in the Sagebrush State dwindle down to a precious few. I packed another box to ship so first we went to the Cable Company to drop off my box. There was a long line, then we went to the new Topaz Post Office to mail the box and there was no line. No line, but you had to take a number anyway. This is one of the modern post offices with the 'now serving' digital screens.

Then we went to Steiners, a Nevada Pub. On the way, we reminisced about the early years here, including the Nevada Test Site, living in the desert when the place was a desert, the Cheyenne Saloon (which I'll be writing about), etc. Its kinda sad.

Steiners is a nice pub, where all the entrees are named after Nevada cities and towns and is an 1890s or so Western decor. Lola had the steak sandwhich special and I had the 'Lake Tahoe' shrimp Po'Boy which was huge as were the salads. I played a little video poker, made $10 and we left.

I was going to go to Terrible's Casino next Wednesday night which will be my last night in Vegas, but instead I am going to stay at my friends Don and Kitty's house instead and they'll ring me to the airport.

I was over Don and Kitty's the other night because Don called me to come check his computer since the kids screwed it up. He brought over my mattress that didn't sell from his garage sale which was an improvement over the lounge chair I slept in the night before. He said he wanted to try out my pizza place (East Coast Pizza, see 'A Plug'). We ordered two large pizzas to go. He gave me the money for it while he went in to Sultan's Grille next door, since he spent some time in Turkey and he likes Mediterranean food. When I walked in the pizza place and they saw that the order was for me, they only charged me for one of the pizzas. What great friends!


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