Sunday, June 19, 2005

Boycott this show - please!

On Tuesday night at 8, NBC is going to interview the 'Runaway Bride'. Please don't watch this show.

The last thing we need is to make this nutcase a celebrity. She feigned that she was 'kidnapped' by a Hispanic couple in New Mexico, escaped and called 911. I don't care if she had cold feet or whatever reason, but by having her on NBC will only encourage grooms, brides, mothers-in-law to create their own 'reality' shows by causing the police and the search parties to be diverted from really missing people while they work on their own book deals. If I were the almost groom, I'd be thankful for having dodged this insane bullet.

And they were registered at some of the finest stores, now who pays for the catering, plane tickets for out of town guests, etc.

Don't watch NBC this Tuesday. Cause them to have a ratings dip.

Someone saved my life tonight...

-Elton John (sung by the groom)


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