Thursday, July 07, 2005

We're all in this together.

Today's attack on London's subway and bus system shows that we are all in this together. It appears that it may be the work of Al Queda or some other sympathetic terrorist organization. It could possibly be a home grown British terror group (I don't want to come out and say that its the IRA, but I hope they've moved beyond that) but it is possible that the attacks could be because of Britain's support of the US's military action in Iraq.

But in any case, this was an attack on the civilized world. We are all at risk. Sympathies for all the families who have had loved ones die in today's attack.

This is my first post since moving back East. I am still trying to get (re)organized. My email addresses will change soon, but to commenters, it will be seamless. But, just like when I moved out West, and you couldn't take me away from the ocean, I've lived in the desert so long, the desert will always be a part of me now.

Number 1 goal in life: To move back to Nevada. Hopefully to the Lake Tahoe area this time.


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