Sunday, July 17, 2005

Service Scorecard So Far

As of presstime, this is the service scorecard so far.
Apple Computer A- Although I didn't like having to get the extended warranty for my Ipod, and I even swore at the guy on the phone, and despite having to put in two service calls, the orignal and the one to cancel the ship to address because they won't change the address, I give them an A for fast service. I sent it out on July 5 and got it back on the 8th, far earlier than I expected. I still have to look up what was done to my Ipod, since I got the original back. But its working and I am happy.

Post Office C+ One box arrived smashed. It was insured. Have to go deal with the local guy to get my insurance claim in. They shrewed up in Vegas. The supervisor was excellent searching for my external CD Drive which apparently still in Las Vegas, but I did not get a next day call back from him. I did get a next day call back from the local office, but what he told me I already knew and I had to fill him in.

Verizon Local. A+ Despite not have my CD drive, the local office was courteous and quick amd the technical support staff helping me get DSL set up was excellent and easy. Local guy was on time when he saud he would be.

Verizon Cellular F - They screwed up and I am STILL waiting for my new phone. The wrong phone arrived the next day. The right phone ain't here yet although I was told it would be here on Friday. I had to use my Sprint phone which is not shut down yet. And nobody gave me a tracking number. I hope my billing period doesn't start until the day I use my phone.

Sprint - F. Two years with them and they want me on a contract. Bite me.

K-mart cafe. A for waitress. I went back there on Friday, although not at lunch hour.. I had coffee at Dunkin Donuts in Walmart on Thursday and ran into the waitress' husband, the guy I told my tale of woe to on Wednesday. On Friday, the waitress apologized to me for Wednesday's service, although it wasn't her fault. Just then her husband walked in again. I think he's trailing me.


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