Thursday, July 21, 2005

Less than an 'F'

On Wednesday, the 14th day and the 11th call, one to a Supervisor, and a second order placed and a second phone number given to me, I told Verizon Cellular that if I don't have a phone by Friday at 4:30 PM, they can shove it up their ass. I have been without a phone (okay, I still have my Sprint phone, but I am over my minutes for the month and I don't want to use my old number) for almost two weeks now and this situation is unacceptable.

I will be checking out new phones at the Sprint website just in case I need them. My account with them expires on the 28th.

I got the box from Las Vegas that was lost in the shuffle. It arrived Wednesday and pretty mangled condition. The external CD Drive within didn't work as it did in Vegas and although it was 'insured' I threw it out. Why? In order to put in a claim, the box must be presented EXACTLY as it was packed to the Postal Inspector. This includes all items, including the things that are still useful and intact. Once presented, it becomes the property of the US Post Office. So why do I need to give up something that is perfectly good to get justice on what is not?

For future reference: If its in anyway valuable to you and you need to ship it, go UPS and let them pack it for you. Cost more, but probably worth it, especially if its breakable.

If the item is not breakable, like clothes or books, go with the Post Office. It is cheaper and if the clothes arrive mangled, you can always wash and re-iron them.

In the first damaged box, with my sentimental ceramics, in addition to bubble wrap, I used clothing as packing material. I am not going to turn over my clothes to the PO (I can't remember which ones they were anyway) to prove I packed it correctly. What will they do with the clothes anyway? Will I see my postman wearing my pants? Who gets my underwear?

I was told, after the fact of course, they boxes should be packed for a 4 1/2 feet drop off a conveyor belt? NOW they tell me.

So I had to go to Staples, spend $104 more dollars than I had intended to by a replacement CD Drive. At least I got a FASTER one. Remember the lesson: FAST has priority over DONE RIGHT.


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