Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ipod Revolutionizes Radio

One station in Boston (formerly STAR), now Radio Mike and another radio station in Ontario, Radio Jack has gone to a 'playlist format'. Taking a cue from Apple's Ipod, these stations have created playlists of hundreds of songs that play by computer. No talk, and I'm not sure how they do commercials, but listeners can listen to an eclectic blend of music without repeats. One common complaint that radio listeners have always had, in addition to the usual complaints about commercials was the fact that if you listened to the same station for a few hours, they'd start repeating their playlists again and the playlist rarely changed from day to day. Radio Mike has a playlist of about 2000 songs. I have a playlist of about 675 songs (including Podcasts) and since my Ipod has been returned and fixed about two weeks ago, I haven't listened to the same song twice. Live DJs are justifably nervous. Like anything that can be computerized, soon stations will be 'saving money' and 'becoming competitive' by showing human DJs the door. And while I feel for those who might lose their jobs, I got tired of listening to the same short playlists day after day.

Las Vegas vis Pawtucket: I went to the Pawtucket Red Sox (PawSox) at McCoy Stadium to see the Pawsox defeat the Ottawa Lynx 5-4. While in the gift shop, I picked up a Las Vegas 51s (as in Area 51) baseball cape. I hestitated at the price, because I have tons of caps, but this is another link to 'home'. It doesn't have any Las Vegas on it, just an alien. Most Easterners won't have a clue what its about, but I'm sure it'll be a conversation starter, like my "Go to Hell, (MI)" cap that a friend gave me. I got a lot of lines about that one, the best one being when I was in a fast food joint and the guy asked me "So, what's wrong with Michigan?" Nothing wrong with Michigan, there's just a town there called Hell, not far from Ann Arbor. Another good line I used to get was from Mormon missionaries who saw the cap and said to me: "Go to Hell? We're trying to PREVENT people from going there!" Another good use for the cap: When asked how I'm doing, when I was in a bad mood, I would just point to the cap. The Go to Hell cap is black and you don't wear black in the summer in Vegas, so its more appropriate for winter wear.

When I was up in Boston for the first time in a long time, before the Sox won the series, I was on the 'T' and I couldn't get over how many people had Sox caps on. I felt like I was in the middle of a cult.

Now that Verizon has finally come through with my phone, (I gave them till 4:30 PM Friday or shove it), it finally arrived at 2:15, so I have been busy calling friends here and in Vegas so I can keep in touch. I have gotten good reviews about the recption, although I got my first 'signal lost' when calling my friend Mitch "The pizza guy". When I'm outdoors, it works fine. I was on the throne when I called him, so I guess my phone has been 'flagged' like the Seinfeld episode.


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