Friday, July 29, 2005

So who knows for sure?

Before I left Vegas, I picked up a disposable 'digital' camera from Long's. It could only be developed at Longs and because I had only a few days to go there, I had to had it developed without using all the pictures.

I will be going camping in New Hampshire next week/weekend with friends, so I stopped in Walmart at the service desk and asked if they had disposable digital cameras. She said sure, go to our camera section. When I got there, the woman behind the counter said they didn't sell them.

Another Walmart employee chimed in and said that 'don't fall for the Kodak disposal 'digital' camera. Its just a 35mm one that they charge you $4 more for a CD, where you can get a CD with ours for the asking.

At the time I bought the one at Long's, there was thing on the news that they now had disposal digital cameras. And that they were available at Longs and soon to be at CVS. So who is telling the truth here? Can anyone clue me in? I will probably buy a regular disposal phone for next week.

If she is right, I appreciate the heads up and told her so.

I also heard that disposable video reorders were on the horizon for $30 and 5 hours recording time.


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