Tuesday, August 02, 2005

U.S. and Mexicans

I was just reading an article about the large influx of Mexicans into the Northeastern US. Mexicans are now making up some of the largest immigrant groups in Massachusetts. Conecticut and New York. They also make up the largest immigrant group in Las Vegas and they are making large in-roads in Georgia and Alabama.

Some Mexicans have advantages that native Americans don't get. A Mexican can reach Arizona, plead 'asylum' and get medical care. I am one of the 46 million Americans who have NO health care.

When I last rented my house in Las Vegas, the terms of the lease that I could have only one other adult in the building. There are houses in Las Vegas that contain 6, 8 or 10 people, legally or not.

With 4000 people attempting to cross over the US/Mexican border every day, and not through legal border crossings, it seems to me we are not asking the right questions.

At the beginning of his term, George Bush talked in glowing terms about his friendship with President Vicente Fox, the former Coca Cola Executive, who became the first non PRI President in about 70 years.

Here are some questions I'd like to ask of the Mexican Government that the US government is not:

Why are there so many Mexicans leaving their homeland for better jobs in the US? Why aren't there any good paying ones down there? Mexico is an oil producing country, and with the price of a barrel of oil at record highs, why isn't the Mexican Treasury overflowing with cash? Why don't they use the excess cash from their oil reserves to create better paying jobs and improve the lot of the typical Mexican? And since so many jobs moved south as a result of NAFTA why haven't these jobs elevated living standards down there so they would want to stay?

Since our own government doesn't believe in taking care of its own citizens, but has no problem 'building infrastructure' in Irag (which insurgents blow up), doesn't it make more sense to spend US Taxpayer dollars building a sound infrastructure in Northern Mexico instead. Maybe if we can create enough jobs down there, Anglos can begin a reverse migration and look for jobs in Mexico.


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