Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jason Yudoff

Rob, the Media Master from has a Podcast feed called Alley Cuts, where he showcases indie music talent primarily (but not limited to) the greater New York City metro area. Since I am a regular listener to Rob's podcasts, because his is the best one I have heard so far, I became a fan of the keyboardist and drummer, Jason Yudoff. I particularly like the cuts 'Pride', 'All Day' and 'No Such Thing' from his "Smoke, Sex, Water" CD.

For a good sampling of Jason's music I encourage readers (if there are any) of the Scorched Pig to check out Rob's site listed above, or on the links column, or to check out Jason's website at

Also, Itunes 4.7 now supports Podcasts, which isn't too surprising, but for now, I will continue to use Ipodder.


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