Friday, August 19, 2005

Another corporate insult

MSNBC reported today on 'Countdown' a story of a Chicago area woman who was having a problem with her DVR functionality of her cable company. She called Comcast repeatedly and they did not send anyone out. When she received her bill, her name on the bill was changed to 'Bitch Dog'. She did get an 'apology' from 'someone' in the company who did not give his or her name, rank and serial number. Officially, a Vice President from Comcast said that if that was 'not her real name, it shouldn't have been on her bill.' That's it.

People need to wake up. Unless people get really angry and stop dealing with companies that they support by buying its products this crap will continue. But all to often in this merger happy corporate world, consumers feel they have little choice but to accept it. Fewer computer companies, cellphone companies, hospital mergers and of course, in most communities, cable companies have a monopoly. This woman needs to switch to satellite or DEMAND an apology from Comcast. Until corporate profits begin to decline, they just don't care about customers. A Consumer Rights Board needs to be set up at all levels of government, because this is not the kind of complaint that the Better Business Bureau is set up for. Of course, the GOP will not go along with this idea. They are bought and paid for by corporate cronies and they think corporate America can do no wrong. That's why most legislation coming out of Washington is loaded with corporate giveaways. Besides, they'll just call the idea a 'radical left' idea that will cost jobs. I can't see how, unless Comcast actually makes an effort at finding out who did this to this woman and fires their sorry ass.

The woman has a job. Ironically, she works in Customer Service at a credit card company.


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