Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hey, welcome back...

Been busy of late, which is good I guess, since idle hands and minds are the devil's workshopm I suppose.

I just started a new temp job which is going so far so good. I've already gotten my pay direct deposited into my bank account, which is great, get paid once a week, which is also great, and as far as I am concerned, Tuesday is payday.

The job isn't much on intellectual stimulation, but that's okay, since they actually encourage the use of Ipods.

A few Thursdays ago Bruce, Bryan, Bruce's cousin Bob and Bob's father Bill, went to see Tommy Emmanuel at the Raggatabar at the Charles Hotel. I like Tommy, but Bruce is a real groupie. In fact, Bruce went to see him again with his cousin in Phoenixville, PA, the following weekend.

I first heard Tommy in Winfield, a story of the trip I have yet to finish. Tommy's work os sort of ahrd to categorize, he can be mellow and I have bought his tapes to pass around as Christmas gifts. He is best described as a guitar virtuoso, having been born in Australia, and is considered as a national treasure as was Steve Irwin, despite the fact he now makes his home in Nashville. If you think he is all bluegrass, think again. All I can suggest is check out his website. He had just returned from a road trip that took him to Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland and I think he said Slovakia. The Raggatabar is a nice intiamte venue for a performer like Tommy and it was standing room only. The last time I was at the Ragattabar was several years ago to see the late great Mambo King, Tito Puente.

What I like about Tommy is he is very approachable. He has no problem with mingling with his fans and is always will to pose for a picture or sign an autograph. Bruce has a picture of him and Tommy and every time Bruce stalks him, he has his picture taken with Tommy holding the 'picture within a picture'.

I broke down and bought a Tommy cap and he signed it for me, as well as the opening performer, another young, fresh Aussie talent by the name of Murphy (sorry can't remember the first name), who plans on attending Berklee School of Music. I was going to get to mmet Tommy in Winfield, but it was way to hot to stand in line that day.

It was a great time, as we got ready for the upcoming weekend's next event- The Strawberry Hill Bluegrass festival in Connecticut - can you say camping trip?


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