Saturday, September 17, 2005

Superdome; Haunted D.C.; A Podcast Novel

On the local news story, some tourists arrived from New Orleans who had been stranded in the Superdome after Katrina. There, they witnessed a murder directly in front of them. They said that they couldn't get sleep for the duration of their time there, as they were fearful of their lives. Apparently, none of the first 10,000 evacuees were screened and there were enough guns that contributed to the lawlessness. I'm sure there were more than enough muggings going on. And this was supposed to be a place of santuary. That, and the fact that at least 10 people died for lack of food and/or medical attention. So, I suggest, that instead of repairing the Superdome, it should be razed and moved to another site, since it is now tainted ground. Perhaps a memorial to man's inhumanity to man can be erected nearby.

Bush says taxes will not be raised to pay for the estimated $200 billion dollars that will be needed to rebuild New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast (don't forget Mississppi, Florida and Alabama were affected as well. So, it will be interesting to see which programs will be cut. Most likely anti-poverty and other social programs will be cut, since Republicans don't believe in that kind of 'nonsense'. How about some pet projects near and dear to Republicans, such as Grassley's 'Rainforest' project in Iowa or Tom Delay's $3M plan to teach 'core values through golf' program.

Countdown to Halloween continues.

In the District of Columbia, it is believed that a ghostly 'Puma' haunts the grounds below the U.S. Capitol which appears prior to a national catastrophe. I wonder if it appeared before August 29th?
The Statue Room is also known to have a few after-hours 'visitors' as well. Dolly Madison haunts the White House as does Abraham Lincoln in, where else, the Lincoln Bedroom. Winston Churchill has allegedly seen the ghost, but he's also been known to throw back a few, so his 'sightings' are left to conjecture, but Queen Juliana of the Netherlands has also allegedly seen the ghost. You decide.

Here's D.C.

Here's something a little different: While perusing's (link to the right) index of topics, I was looking for something along the lines of horror genre, when I came upon my first Podcast Novel, Earth Core: A Podcast Novel, by Scott Sigler. Something different, from the usual music downloads. Strong language and themes, but I've just begun listening, so I have no opinion of it yet, but add the feed into your feeder and see for yourself. Different. Has a Western Mining feel to it, that I find appealing.


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