Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's a Wonderful Lunch

My life sucks right now. Don't ask why, just believe me.

Even though I have been walking around like the wlking wounded and am not my usual jovial self, two incidents happened today that have reaffirmed my faith in human nature. And not EVERYTHING sucks. I'll take the last event first.

The other day, we were dumped on to the tune of 10 inches or s of snow, the weatherman says 19.5 in the last two storms with a coating of ice to boot. So this means, for pedestrians like me, a nightly hell on the way home. The streets of course, are plowed, sanded and dry, so the most sane thing to do is to walk in the street, going against the traffic. I like to see what's coming at me, although Marilyn Vos Savant of the Sunday magazine begs to differ. She claims I should walk in teh direction of traffic.

As I walked past a gas station, I stopped for a car to allow her to come out of the driveway. We exchanged eye contact and she motioned for me to pass so I did. After I passed her, she asked me if I wanted a lift. Of course, you shouldn't accept rides from strangers, but this was a nice young woman and I figured my stereotyping her as not a mass murder, and although the road was clear, just have to dodge traffic, I accepted. She gave me practically to the door service, but hey it was cold outside.
It wasn't that long a ride, and after exchanging pleasantries and small talk it was over.

That was the second random act of kindness to happen to me in the same day. A Christmas Miracle!

I was in line at the cafe in my building with a sub and a soda at the the cashier, in back of a woman I had never seen before. She was paying for her purchases (which I think was just a drink with either a credit card or a gift card. Out of nowhere, she announced to cashier that she'd like to buy that man's lunch (me) saying that everybody deserves a break today and suddenly her coffee costs he $7 or so.

My natural inclination is to protest such a kind ness by saying, "oh no you don't have to do that" (and I probably did say that) but I decided not to fight it, but sit back and enjoy it.There's a movie in there somewhere. How about "It's a Wonderful Lunch'.

Now if I can only get someone to offer me a good paying job...


At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Moose said...

My life sucks right now. Don't ask why, just believe me.

Well I must ask why? What makes your life suck?


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