Saturday, March 22, 2008

This year's sprouts

I bought some seeds from Mesa Garden. Don't remember if I sent in more than one sheet, but some items were missing -- they didn't say they were out of stock but they were some Phyllobolus and I can't think what else.

No matter -- I got what I originally and really wanted -- some Pachycereus Pringlei seeds -- Mexican Saguaro or 'Cardon'. They have already sproted after just 10 days or so and although they are supposed to be 'cousins of the Saguaro (Carnegia Gigantea) they are not showing any spines -- although they look like green flower sprouts of some sort.

From the CSSA I procured some more Pachpodium seed -- this time I soaked them overnight first -- and I have sprouts of P. Rosalatum and one P. Gaeyi. Last years seed, P. Baroni, sunk to the bottom of the cup and hope that doesn't mean they are not viable. Hard to tell, since there has not been a sprout at all.

Last year's Pachypodium Saundersonii is still just a stick. No sign of it coming out of doramncy. I do have 3 or 4 Gymnocalycium Qualianum sprouts that took a while, but they sprouted.

I have a few seeds that sprouted, these were last eyars leftovers, that I put into a salad container last year. Soil looks awful, had fungus, but I don't want to transplant them for another year -- in here I have Stenocereus Alamoensis, Pediocactus Bradyi, (never sprouted yet), Asterpytum Asterias and San Pedro cacti and a few Stetsonia Cornye.

In still another bowl, I have tiny saguaros that I hope I didn't kill from last year in the sun along with 2 or 3 Ferocactus Herrarae.

And last, but not least, after about a week after sowing, I have about 8 Lophopora seedlings.

Tips? Advice anyone. I think I am done with seed sowing for awhile. If all grow to a decent size there won't be room for me AND the plants. But it sure is a bost to morale.


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