Saturday, February 02, 2008


Went to see this last week. Was loaded with trepidation that it would be a Blair Witch Project clone, which is arguably the worst movie ever made.

Just when I was ready to scream, 'Enough with the camera games' the movie changed. It was crowded and we were in the 3 row. Never saw a movie that close up before, but we were close enough to feel the vibrations.

Cloverfield. I liked it. Go see.

I submitted an entry at Simply Asia for a chance to win a trip to either Bangkok, Beijing or Hong Kong. I'll take Hong Kong if it's my choice. Wish me luck.

But first, I gotta get my passport. And money. We have been talking about a trip to Italy, but money will be a bigger obstacle than the lack of a passport. Time to hit an Indian casino. It worked when I needed a TV.

After Tuesday, here in the US, we should know who the Democratic and Republican nominees for President are. This election is way too long. We need to have one primary in June, campaigning in September and election in November. Sae lots of money that way. I know, I know, I'm making sense again...


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