Sunday, March 30, 2008

My day with Apple, Tibet and Earth Hour

Had my seminar with Apple. They had to break us up into 2 conference rooms -- there were 36 in all -- have about 16 in our group.

Movies about the history of Apple, its new commercial, etc. They have these seminars 4 times a day. They are looking for very enthusiastic individuals and they can afford to be picky. They claimed they have interviewed 1000 people so far.

Unlike Radio Shack, at least Apple didn't put the emphasis on selling. They also put us into teams and we had to present something to the group. A couple did commercials. We presented a concept -- how IWeb could be used to keep families in touch -- via photos (IPhoto) and Podcasts (GarageBand) and hosting blogs.

In my introduction, I pointed out how I had an Mac since 1984 -- have had mostly all Macs since then and that I am on my third Ipod -- and that I use it for more than music -- I listed in Podcasts including ABC News as well as various courses from Itunes U.

When they open the Boylston Street store, it will be the largest store in the world -- it will have 3 floors and they are keeping it mostly under wraps -- opens 'Mayish'. It will be a news worthy story I am sure -- so keep your eyes peeled for it.

They will notify via email, those who they want to come in for an interview.

At least Stacy, the manager, remembered me from 2 months ago. But I am still only 1 in 1000 so I am not counting any chickens just yet.

After my day with Apple, I went for Chinese food at PF Changs, as usual, it was a good meal and then I sauntered over to a Tibetan store on Newbury Street. I wanted to show my solidarity with the protests in Lhasa. While I would never consider myself anti-Chinese, the recent 'staged' 'newsconference' of foreign journalists backfired in Beijing's face. And George Bush has already said we will not boycott the Olympics and he is still planning to go to Beijing in August. I am not sure what should be done, but clearly Beijing holds all the cards, the US none.

I have been studying up on the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, a country I hope to visit someday and looked for a CD of Bhutanese music. While teh store only had items made in Tibet and Nepal, I opted for a CD of Tibetan music, since Bhutan is culturally and linguistically linked to Tibet. But I have to make space on my Ipod first in rder to load them up.

I took part in my own little version of 'Earth Hour', now in its second year. Boston did not take part, which is surprising, but many cities and towns acros the globe did take part from Sydney, where it all began last year to Bangkok, Phoenix and Atlanta. It is designed to call attention to the problems of the environment -- meanwhile a huge glacier, nine times the size of Manhattan has fallen off the continent of Antarctica. What is particularly disturbing is the fact that the Southern Hemisphere shas started Autumn, where temperatures there should be cooling, not warming up.


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