Saturday, January 06, 2007

What's wrong with the guy?

Now Bush wants the authority to open your mail without a search warrant. What a way to start the New Year. Why? Is he having problems getting a warrant for someone 'he' feels is an terrorist? Does he want to be a despot, like Saddam Hussein?

Here he is, trying to bring 'democracy' to the Middle East, when he doesn't even believe in the separation of powers, or the system of checks and balances, thank God we now have an opposition party. Or will we?

Last month, the Republican Congress gave him what he wanted - to strip you of your right to habeas corpus in the name of 'National Security' and the Orwellian and perpetual 'War on Terror'. Now he wants Congress to give him a Line Item Veto. Why should the Dems give him one, when his own party didn't?

Funny, now his plan for Iraq is to INCREASE troops to Iraq without any clear plan to turn things over to the Iraqis and let them know that at some point they'll have to take responsibility for their own security. All this, despite the American people's wish (those whom the Administration is supposed to report) wants him to do just the opposite. John McCain wants to 'out Bush' Bush by moving further to the right on Iraq by calling for even more troops and having them stay longer. But the blame game is already under way. The Iraqi government doesn't want to crack down on its own Sunni militias and it will argue that the 'Civil War' did not happen until the US invaded, toppled Saddam and had NO PLAN what to do next.

The blame game is already underway in the US as well. The current administration plan is to keep troops in Iraq until 2009 when a new regime takes over (presumably a Democratic one) and when he/she pulls the troops out and we see helicopters evacuating civilians (as was the case in Saigon in 1975) that that image will stain the Dems for another generation.

I'm sure someone will open hearings into how we got involved in Iraq in the first place and all lies, innuendo, law-breaking and whatever will be exposed, so that this war should finally put an end to the Bush Imperial Dynasty.

24 months and 2 weeks left of this foul regime. Start the countdown.