Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time for an Alien Czar?

So now, we have a 'war czar' in the name of General Doug Lute. So what is the going to be the role of this new position? Don't we already have a war 'Czar' (Russian for 'Caesar' or 'all powerful Emperor') aka 'Commander in Chief' or simply 'The Decider"? If not him, what is the role of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of War (I mean 'Defense', which was called the Department of War as recently as World War II)?

We know how well American 'Czars' turn out. We have a Drug Czar, and the last time I checked, the War on Drugs has only gotten worse over the last 40 years, only now there is more violence. And they now have a 'Katrina Czar', which can't hurt since some of the destroyed homes haven't even been rebuilt in the poorest neighborhoods of New Orleans, much less rebuilt. No wonder why so many people will not return there. Can you blame them.

So along with the Department of Homeland Security, we have with this 'Republican' Administration an ever expanding governmental bureaucracy as well as a bottomless pit of spending for Iraq, so the GOP better tread softly on attacking the Dems as the Party of Big Goverment. Now here's a chance for the Dems to reverse the tide: They can be the reformers and waste eliminators of the Federal Budget. If they have guts that is, but unfortunately, I don't think they have any.

But while I'm on the subhect of 'Czars'. It was reported today that both Parties have reached a 'historic' compromise on illegal immigration and it goes like this: If you broke our laws after 2000 (not sure of the cutoff dates) who can stay in this country and become an American citizen after paying a fine of 4000 and having 8 years to do it. Can I have 8 years with no accrued penalties if I owe the IRS or a jaywalking ticket?

I still can't find a job after 5 years and that's just what the country and American workers need - more people to take jobs from law abiding citizens, while our own Government claims that the illegals only take jobs that 'Americans' won't do. Tell that to New Bedford, Ma. 8 to 10% unemployed, when the raid on a garment factory that was subcontracted to make vests for the US military and the place was full of undocumented workers.

So where is the Alien Czar? Where is the guy to ensure that jobs go to Americans first, and 'guest workers' only get the jobs that are left. If the Mexicans don't like it, let them go look for jobs in Guangzou, China or Bangalore, India. That's where the jobs are. Just ask the Human Resources Department of any AMerican Corporation.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dead

Jerry Falwell, the firebrand Evangelical, was found dead in his office today. Pardon me if I don't cry.

This is the guy who claimed that 911 was caused by 'gays, lesbians, feminists and liberals'. Guess which party he was registered under? He's also the one who warned "look out Orlando, God is sending a Hurricane your way' because Disney was having 'Gay Days' at the Park. I thought Christianity was about loving, forgiveness and coming together, not about finger pointing rabble rosuing. I wonder who'll be giving the eulogy at his service - Ann Coulter?

Thank God he isn't a Catholic. He can't be canonized by the Pope.

So, along with Tony Blair, George Bush loses another ally all in the span of a week.

Another sign the Bush Era is ending before he does - '24' is also coming apart at the seams. Two more weeks and this painful season comes to a close.