Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm still here....

Ok, so I haven't been online in awhile, but its not from a lack of having nothing to do. I have a wedding to go to this weekend, still settling in to my new community, having recently (last week) set up a new checking account at my local bank, doing data entry for a friend's business, and I have set ,yself up with a national temp agency. Had hope, for a short period, but that seems to be fading.

Operation Avenge Daddy is now projected to reach three quarters of a TRILLION dollars, but we don't have money for a decent health care system. Fifty million Americans have no health insurance at all. As for me, I finally am poor enough to qualify for poverty insurance. Nicem huh for a college educated guy who is STILL looking for steady employment, but Bushie claims that the economy is doing just ducky, with the stock market repeatedly hitting new highs. So while the dow hits record highs, I'm hitting record lows. But at least by qualifing for poverty insurance, I am now going to the dentist to get a tooth filled whose filling fell out while I was sitting on my living room couch two years ago when I was in Vegas, which I miss terribly. After I finish with the filling this Friday, I will make an appointment with my Primary Care Physician and we'll talk about a physical. I feel fine (physically), but who knows, I could be moments away from a massive coronary. Inquiring minds wanna know, maybe.

One thing I have been working on was doing research for the Scorched Pig Online, gifts, etc. I have been doing the research, but of course, money is what is holding me back. I live day to day, living in fear my checks don't bounce, which is a shame, because all my life I have practiced good financial habits, and helping a friend with her business who has recently incorporated will help me avoid any 'gotchas' for her and for me, it will be a lesson learned.

So, I have been forced (as is usally the case) to start using the New Blogger. I'm not against changem but I like to go at my own pace, and after several months of 'optional' switchover, not it ahve become mandatory, so here's for everthing coming out alright.