Friday, July 11, 2008

Democratic Cave-in on FISA

The other day, the FISA bill which would allow the US Government to open and read your email and monitor your overseas phone in the name of national security passed despite the so-called Democratic opposition. Bush and Co., essentially had gotten all that it asked for and Barack Obama allegedly supports this latest assault on our privacy. Phone and ISP providers have essentially been given a green light from immunity from future prosecution. This merging of corporate and government power united against us, amounts to nothing less than fascism.

But if the Democrats are going to act like Republicans why bother talking about 'Change'. Do Democrats have a plan and or a backbone?

Ted Koppel is doing an interesting series of reports on China as we approach the Olympics, called "The People's Republic of Capitalism". In espisode 2, they began the talk about politics in China and he interviewed a former Seattle art student who lived in Seattle and has since returned to his native Chonqing, China. When asked about China's crackdown on dissidents he answered: "I do not like my government, but I trust my government." Do you trust yours.

The Chinese government to its credit at least palns for the future. The series concerns Chonqing and China's plans on making it a high tech and business hub of the Southwest part of China. I wish the US government had the same commitment to the future of America's rusr belt areas and give residents in the Midwest and Northeast hope for their futures.

After the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, I'll ask the question again, "Do you trust your government?