Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another attempt to avoid the issues - with just 53 days to go...

This is how bad the US election has sunk. Barack Obama uses the phrase 'You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig!'. This is a phrase that is in common usage, in fact John McCain used the very same line concerning Hillary Clinton's Health Care plan.

But conservative bloggers are all over Obama viewing it as an attack on Sarah Palin. How ridiculous. They are claiming that it was a sexist statement because she used the word 'lipstick' in her acceptance speech at the RNC. If it weren't for Hillary running for President, Palin would never have been considered. Do women really know what they are getting with Sarah Palin? This is just a crass attempt to avid the real issue, like the loss of jobs, homes and the destruction of the middle class under 14 years of GOP rule.

Something you always knew... the National Park Service is in bed with the Oil Industry. NBC news reported yesterday that employees of the Department of Interior were not only having sex parties with the employees of the oil industry and their lobbyists, but with themselves - in other words some of them were DOI toys.

A lot of stuff needs to be cleaned up in DC, but McCain and Palin are not the ones to do it.